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Recommendation Project in 2021

Kattana actually comes from CeFi, where it has been running privately, providing viable top-notch trading tools that helped (and are still helping to this day) traders make a change and trade in a whole new effective manner.

The number of users was intentionally restricted to a fairly small number to guarantee the excellent functioning of the platform and to avoid any outages.

This strategy has been really productive not only for our customers but also for the platform since we’ve gained a loyal group of traders and passionate users that helped shape Kattana as it is.

But as you may know, the crypto market does not stand still and changes rapidly.

Defi is the new interest and trading on DEXs is the new game that’s why we’ve decided to help old and new players join in and crush this decentralized environment too.

With the core functionality already fully developed and market-tested, we can save years of development and deploy Kattana rapidly. Taking a few months to add improvements that weren’t possible in CeFi but work perfectly in DeFi, we are about ready to release the one trading terminal to rule them all: trade in real-time using over 40 DEXs, use advance order types and highest-quality-charts and have the kind of a command center that used to be out of the price range of everybody.

We’re already scaling to accommodate the influx of new users. Fresh blood has joined the team to help expand our amazing product to a broader audience, Kattana is fast, easy-to-use, and powerful. What more can one ask for?

A limited amount of community members will have the opportunity to try out the platform for themselves.

If you love trading DeFi and want to have the edge needed!

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When a person wants to be outstanding and achieve non-usual goals, he or she needs to put in non-usual efforts.

The same goes for companies, we do believe in that at Kattana, that’s why we are putting enormous efforts to create a unique product that will satisfy the needs of our customers, in particular, to achieve great goals in general.

This is why we are happy to announce the future release of 3 types of limit orders within the Kattana terminal, which will certainly make your DEX trading more effective.

1-Limit market order

A limit market order is a conditional order, where the user sets the desired sell/buy price, and when that specified price is triggered the asset is sold/bought at the market price.

This type of order enables users to guarantee the fulfillment of the desired buy/sell action at the specified price to minimize the probability of surprises.

2-Limit order

A limit order is a conditional order, where the order to buy/sell assets are set at a price that’s no higher/lower than specified.

This type of order is made to protect users from buying at a high price or selling at a low one.

It is not meant for a specific user but rather for the arbitrage traders that will fill it*, to collect a small fee on top of the deal value.

*= The fulfillment of the orders is not guaranteed in times of high volatility.

3-CE-DE limit order

A CE-DE limit order is a symbiosis of decentralized and centralized environments, whereby simply using a button, users will have the possibility to buy/sell the specified asset on a centralized exchange without having to make a deposit on that exchange and to make exchanges at a substantial high pace with no extra steps.

Kattana is everything a trader would need, understandable easy to use features that form a bigger picture, that symbolizes the exclusive added value that we are bringing into this decentralized trading space.

More information about the quirks and features of Kattana will be released soon, to not miss a thing follow us on:

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To make sure Kattana really is the terminal that pops in the mind of every crypto trader, the project has assembled a top-notch team of experts in their field, each with years of passionate involvement in the blockchain space.

At the very core is Ilya Demydonok, the CEO of Kattana. Ilya has previously served as Head of PR at an international digital agency. There, he set industry examples for excellence in public relations and digital marketing. With a limited budget and time constraints, Ilya got his clients covered by all the top financial publications, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Bloomberg.

Before crypto debit cards went mainstream, as the CBDO of the Keymano project, Ilya forged key strategic partnerships with Mastercard to issue non-bank debit cards linked to the Keymano crypto wallet along with an instant currency conversion system.

Ilya’s particular expertise in financial products and connecting the crypto space with traditional finance powerhouses have been instrumental in building Kattana as a sophisticated and powerful financial tool. His expertise will be even more crucial and raise awareness about Kattana among both DeFi and traditional finance professionals.

Dmytro Bieliaiev became the CTO of Kattana after 9 years of developing elegant products.

For example, he developed and scaled Kontentapps into a powerful on-demand service provider for application development in addition to developing many more projects that have attracted thousands if not millions globally.

Nonetheless, it’s when the project relates to crypto trading or blockchain development that the brilliance of his code and architecture really shines through. As a true blockchain believer with extensive trading experience, he is able to develop Kattana as a trading-native platform, rather than adapting/patching blockchain code to the trading use case. The result is a smooth, lightning-fast trading experience with the blockchain level so well abstracted to not even be noticeable by most users.

Hariss Younes is the CMO of Кattana. While most crypto projects first focus their marketing and customer service on one market, usually the United States, Kattana will stay true to Defi by thinking about traders around the globe. As a polyglot, Younes is leading that effort. He came to Kattana after his work at other Defi projects where he used all the knowledge acquired in Byzantium agency, the renowned fundraising, and marketing agency, which gave him an inside look at how various crypto projects work from 2017 to 2019. Learning from that experience, Younes has a masterplan for making Kattana the hottest crypto project both during launch and in the long-term. Since he has been crypto trading for the past 4 years, he understands the psychology of crypto traders perfectly, including all the specific needs, wants, and concerns.

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Thanks to Morningstar Ventures and Spark Digital Capital, with participation from ZBS CapitalBlack Edge CapitalMoonrock CapitalDFGAscensive Assets, our fundraising round has been a great success. Both the funds raised and the quality of partners putting the trust in us give Kattana a solid foundation on which to release our platform.

Kattana actually comes from CeFi, where it has been running privately, providing stable top-grade trading tools that helped traders make a change and trade more effectively.

But as you may know, the crypto market does not stand still and changes rapidly, Defi is the new interest, and trading on DEXs has attracted more and more players, we saw a real need for viable trading tools that would bring some professionalism to this niche and help these new players conquer this Defi space too.

Kattana is everything needed by a trader (and more), simple, easy-to-use tools that constitute a bigger picture, that symbolizes the exclusive value that we are providing to this decentralized trading space.

After raising $1.3M in the private sale, only one more sale is left. And (hint, hint), this one will be less about raising funds and more about building a community. This is just the beginning of our movement. And soon, everybody will be able to participate in Kattana’s growth and path to success.

For now, the team is happy with how we’re progressing right through the milestones of our product roadmap and getting ready to roll out our unique trading terminal.

Today, we are proud to announce that we will conduct an IDO on Polkastarter, the leading cross-chain auction protocol, and a favorite platform for IDOs!

Having successfully completed our private round with contributions totaling $1.3m, Kattana is now throwing open its doors to the public. Kattana chose an IDO since it is the most effective way to give ownership to the community in a fair and exciting manner!

The IDO will take place on the 9th of April, everyone will be able to buy Kattana’s $KTN token. More details about the whitelist and the token will be disclosed on our social media channels, so if you’re not following us yet, now’s the time!

With the help of Polkastarter’s platform, we are preparing to make this the fairest and most transparent token generation event to date. Do not buy $KTN tokens on your own and via 3rd party markets. Please follow the instructions as pinned on our Twitter and Telegram Announcement Channel.

About Polkastarter

Kattana chose Polkastarter because of its technical capabilities, strong community, and highly qualified team. As a permissionless DEX, Pokastarter is perfect for creating cross-chain token pools. Polkastarter also has a good mechanism for running auctions. Practically, this translates into token generation events that are quick and cheap to execute while being highly secure and organized at the same time.

Kattana successfully completes 1.3m funding round and is ready to launch its platform.

Kattana’s journey starts with a Polkastarter IDO

Meet the C-level crew behind Kattana

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